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ursula obernosterer


I am a systemic business coach for women who are looking to develop and grow in their professional lives. I encourage and guide women like you with all my passion to formulate your personal vision and thereby achieve clarity, lightness and harmony.


Invest in yourself and your career.


I am familiar with the pressures and stresses that come up in challenging professional situations and know from previous coaching as well as first-hand experience how much pressure women in particular often put themselves under. 


Enterprises are desperately looking for employees – women want and should be able to flourish – even in management positions. There is a lot to be done on this path.


In my coaching sessions, I listen, question, challenge, inspire reflection and offer new options for action and a change in perspective, as well as encourage new goals to emerge.

Female empowerment & positive leadership:

For a good change.

Business Coach

"The solution always lies within you. You are the expert in your life. I am the expert for your coaching process."

COACHING works from the very first session

I'll guide you in an appreciative, confidential, encouraging manner that is resource, solution and future-oriented in order to:

Discover your purpose and live it.

Identify your patterns of behavior and beliefs and modify them if necessary.

Encourage your agency and self-efficacy.

Gain clarity about the current situation in your career.

Develop perspectives and implement them.

Find a way of dealing with challenging career situations that suits you.

your topic


Where are you now?

What are you yearning to do?

How can you break things down into feasible baby steps?

career ladder

You feel that you are ready to make a career change and want to take the next step. 

But you have no idea how to start and which way to go.

choice of study & career

What should I study?

Should I transfer to a different course?

Where can my skills be applied most effectively?


What should I study?

Should I transfer to a different course?

Where can my skills be applied most effectively?

dealing with stress & conflicts

How can I best deal with stressful situations and conflicts in my professional environment?

What solutions are available?

development talks

Do you need to prepare for crucial discussions in your professional life?

Do you have to prepare for things such as job applications, negotiations, appraisal interviews or conflict resolution?

my services



decision making

If you find yourself in a dilemma or are faced with making a concrete decision, you need to be strong and clear.



If you are looking for professional guidance in order to identify your own beliefs and behavioral patterns, modify them where necessary to the here and now, so that you can travel down your path in a much stronger way.

Leadership Coaching


If you are looking for ongoing guidance in the spheres of your professional life that are key to you so that you can master challenges and grow in the most effective way possible.

free initial consultation

Arrange your complimentary, risk-free 20-minute initial consultation with me today.

Canal+ Round Table

Women who fight their way up the career ladder regardless of the losses: The Girl Boss Villain. In the new episode of StreamTalks, Hilde Dalik talks to the editor-in-chief of AUX magazine Theresa Ziegler, moderator and podcaster Annie Müller Martínez and business coach Ursula Obernosterer about series such as "Swimming With Sharks", "I Care A Lot" & "The Dropout".

There are moments in life when things either don't turn out the way you would like them to or the way you are accustomed. Exactly such a moment enabled me to fall back on Ursula's coaching skills. Addressed at a personal and absolutely appreciative way, Ursula opened up new perspectives regarding my issues, and her pointed questions catapulted me out of my comfort zone which made it possible for my hidden resources to come to light. Feelings of lightness and joy paved the way for my progress.

Thank you so very much.

Andrea H.

Daycare center manager I Montessori teacher I Systemic business & team coach

Passau I Germany

Canal Plus
Active Beauty

Podcast interview

In the podcast "Melange halbvoll" you can get more information about business coaching, the world of work and female empowerment.

Coach im profil interview

In the interview with the magazine "Coach im Profil" you get more information about the topic of changing perspectives as a game changer.

Ursula Obernosterer - Business Coach

DI Ursula Obernosterer, MSc.



1130 Wien

Coaching sessions take place online via Zoom or face to face in vienna.

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