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Positive leadership is based on the findings of positive psychology, a branch of research within psychology that investigates what makes people happy and what makes life more worth living.

Positive leadership aims to recognize and promote your own strengths and those of employees, as well as to create a working environment in which employees can develop their potential and thus create a win-win: 

For companies, their leaders and their employees. 

Perma-Lead® is a scientifically based model of employee management that has been proven to have a positive effect on employees, the company's success and on the manager himself.

Positive Leadership with the Perma-Lead® method:

A win-win for employees and companies

Perma Lead Coach

„It's no longer just about limiting damage - and getting from minus eight to minus two on the scale of well-being -
but how we can go from plus two to plus five."

Martin P. Seligman



Positive leadership promotes a motivating work environment in which the strengths and skills of employees are promoted. This contributes to higher employee engagement as they feel valued and inspired.


By creating a positive work environment based on trust, collaboration, and open communication, positive leaders can increase employee productivity and performance. A good working environment promotes creativity, innovation and the exchange of ideas.

employee retention:

Positive leadership contributes to employee loyalty as it promotes satisfaction and well-being. By recognizing and appreciating their contributions, employees feel more connected to the company and are more willing to stay with the company in the long term.

health increase:

Positive leadership values ​​the well-being of employees and promotes a good work-life balance. Health and general

well-being is promoted by promoting self-care and helping employees to cope with stress and strain at work.

Positive corporate culture:

Positive leadership helps create a positive and supportive corporate culture. This promotes trust, cooperation and cohesion within the team and creates a basis for long-term success and growth.

tools OF PERMA-Lead®

Positive Leadership

PERMA-Lead® profiler

Positive Leadership PERMA-Lead® 360 degrees feedback

Positive Leadership


Corporate (culture) analysis

factors OF PERMA-Lead®

The PERMA-Lead® method was developed by business and organizational psychologist Dr. Markus Ebner develops and consists of the following five factors.


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